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Expertly handcrafted orthotics

Once started as a shoemaker in his father's shoe store, Wim Benerink has a long experience as a shoemaker, leather worker and foot expert and, since 1998, as a registered podiatrist. Wim has since devoted himself entirely to making podiatric soles. As a true craftsman, he knows how to combine his expertise in shoemaking and podiatry to create expertly handcrafted orthotics.

Today, the baton is taken over by his daughters Willeke and Elke Benerink. Willeke graduated as a registered podiatrist in 2017 and Elke specializes in sports and wellness. Together have a solution for all your foot problems.

Willeke en Wim Benerink Podoloog/Podotherapeut in Denekamp, Oldenzaal en Losser
Podologie Benerink v.o.f.
KVK 60168757
47591 MA, Denekamp
Bel voor afspraken:
(+31) 0541 - 22 94 24
(+31) 06 - 103 425 74


Locatie Oldenzaal

KroeseWevers kantoor
De Matenstraat 47
7572 BV Oldenzaal

Locatie Losser

Carint Losser
Luttersestraat 2a
7581 BV Losser

Locatie Denekamp

Gemeentehuis Denekamp Nicolaasplein 5
7591 MA Denekamp

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